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Cosmetics Basket

Send a Ladies Cosmetics Basket to your Beloved One.

Product Info..

2pcs of Vaseline

2pcs of Ponds

2pcs of Dove

1piece of Fair&Lovely

1 piece of Himalaya Facewash


Deliver to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi

You can deliver this basket which is near by Islamabad like Murree, Gujar Khan, Kalar saydan, Faithy Jung Wah Cantt. Please confirm order for other region.

Book your gift before 11 a.m PST for same day delivery.

Send Birthday Gifts to Pakistan

What could be better than surprising your friends and family by sending birthday gifts to pakistan?

Of course the gift that you send depends on the person that you are sending to. Different gifts should be chosen for family and for formal acquaintances and romantic interests.

Family birthdays

If you are sending a gift to your family, it’s quite simple isn’t it? You know who likes what, you know what their dislikes are, so picking a gift is easy. You can choose between sweets and cakes, or simply send some flowers. In any case, it’s good to really think about your family members favorite thing, this way, choosing the best possible birthday gift to send to pakistan. Just remember what are their favorite things in life, and try to adapt to that. If not, call another family member and ask them about your other family member, maybe they could go undercover and find out what you can’t!

Romantic interest birthdays

Now, if you want to send a gift to a romantic interest, this is different. Obviously, if you are romantically interested, you might know something about the person in question. Of course, any gift that you send, could have a romantic meaning to it. So when picking flowers, don’t be afraid to pick red flowers, to show your feelings about the person. When picking candy, don’t be afraid of that heart shaped box. When picking a cake, don’t be afraid to pick the most chocolaty and calorie dense cake that you can find, to show your strong feeling to the person.

Of course, the most important thing is to show how much you care, so don’t hesitate and send gifts that your special person will like.

Sending birthday gifts to Pakistan to formal friends and acquaintances

Send Flowers to Pakistan

Is there a special day that is approaching to your loved ones living in Pakistan? Well, how about you send them a special gift to remind them of your friendship and care.

One of the most basic things that was and is forever popular is gifting flowers. Why is that? Well, since the flowers are so pretty, and they symbolize the nature and fertility, it is natural that it is so popular. It has been popular for a very long time.You can decide on gifting single flowers, flower collections or even flowers in a pot.

The bouquets of flowers are great for some special occasions, and maybe something that happens rarely. Also, it is good for a person who does not life keeping flowers in his home so much. He could enjoy the flowers for a while, without having to take care of them for a long time.

However, if you have a friend who is interested in plants and all of that, you might want to consider sending some interesting flower, or plant. You even send something exotic like a little citrus tree. It’s a nice gift, plus it gives a few fruit.

YOu could also consider sending spices and other medicinal plants. Not only are they good for health, but they are also tasty and can be used in food.

So sending flowers to Pakistan can be an interesting experience that makes you think about the person who you are sending the flowers to, and really get to know him, really find out what he likes and dislikes, what is his or her taste and so on.

In general, you might want to send some deep red colors to your loved one, to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband.

To family celebrations baby births and so on, you might want to send some pure colors like whites and yellows.

But of course, it really depends on the person that you are sending the gifts to.

So don’t be afraid to think about the person and ask the person’s friends, if you want to send flowers to Pakistan.

Send gift to Pakistan

There is no doubt that gifts have got special place in our daily life and people get pleased when they are gifted. It plays vital role in all sorts of relationships and in all type of events of our life. Whether a birthday, wedding, anniversary or something else, it works as a bond in a relationship.

When gifts are exchanged, feelings are exchanged between two persons and they build trust between them. It speaks everything what a person can’t say to his/her beloved one directly. When the recipient receives it, he/she receives love and affection of the giver.

A gift is something that makes your relationship stronger than before.  If a person has got some problems with his/her beloved, a gift is the perfect solution for all sorts of problems because it is something that can bring happiness on every face. No matter young or old, rich or poor, it is something that is liked by every age group and every class.  It also creates a special place of you in the heart of the recipient as he/she will always remember you until he/she has your gift.

Giving gifts on special occasions has always been a tradition all over the world. People send gifts to their beloved ones on different occasions like New Year Eve, Birthdays, Weddings, New Born Baby, Anniversaries, etc. They also send when they want to say sorry to someone or to show sympathy. Religious events like Eid, Christmas, and others are also celebrated with the exchange of gifts. In Muslim community, people send them to their friends and family members with Eid greetings and same is the case with Christians at the time of Christmas.

According to a study of human behavior and psychology, a gift is something that can strengthen your relationships with your friends and family. Psychologists say that people have got quite busy in this era and they become frustrated by their tough schedules, traffic jams, and crowd. In this case, a gift is something that can bring smile on a face and you can make the most of these situations by sending an adoring gift to your beloved one. Psychologists also believe that the time when the recipient receives it, his/her love and feelings for the giver go on their peak and this thing can make their relationship reliable.

If it is talk about Pakistan, people living in this country value the tradition of sending them to each other. They believe that by giving these, they can maintain and strengthen their relationships. People living outside the country also extensively send gifts to Pakistan to their family and friends.

Send Gift to Paksitan from USA, UK, Canada, UAE and all over the world.
Send Flowers to Pakistan from USA, UK, Canada, UAE and all over the world.
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Send gift to Pakistan from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world.

Do you have relatives or friends living in Pakistan? Thinking of surprising them with a warm gift?


Sending a gift can show affection, congratulate, or simply surprise a person that you care about. It’s a nice way to show how you feel, and let them know that you are thinking about them. This kind of gesture is good both in formal and informal environments, because it shows the desire to express gratitude and keep the connection that is already developed.

Of course, there are many things to consider when thinking about buying a gift so let’s get started.


The most classic idea could be sending flowers, or surprising them with candy. You can also try sending sweets and chocolates. Chocolates are a perfect thing to send if you are unsure what the person likes, because everyone likes some kind of sweet. Choose something classic, something that most people like, yet keep it classy. Also, don’t make this about you, think what the other person wants.


You can go more specific and decide on some other objects to send to Pakistan. It could be some nice gifts or something symbolic. Something to keep in the office or keep at home.

Thinking how to send a gift from USA, UK, Canada, Australia to Pakistan can be a challenging thing to do. You can use some kind of service to make this easier and more simple as well.


Finally, remember that what really matters is not the gift itself, but rather the intention behind it. What matters is that you notice and remember that the person exists, and you show attention. That is what matters the most, showing attention, showing that you care. All of the other details don’t matter as much.


But of course, don’t use this as an excuse to not make any effort at all. Be smart about it.


It can be a cake, it can be parfume, it can be sweets or any other symbolic item. The point is to show that you put in the time and really took care of you relative.


So, stop thinking about it, and just do it, decide to send a gift to Pakistan from USA, UK, Canada or Australia, decide or figure out what the person wants and simply send it.


Your friend or relative will thank you for it!